Dave Meltzer on WWE Managers: ‘Vince doesn’t like them’

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Some of the WWE’s most iconic wrestlers have been remembered not only for their ability in the ring but also for the great managers they had in their corner. However, in more recent times, the promotion has kept the number of managers to a minimum. When asked why this is the case by a fan on Twitter, Dave Meltzer tweeted out the following in reply.

Current WWE managers

The WWE currently employ two managers who have made TV appearances. They are namely Paul Heyman (who manages Brock Lesnar) and Paul Ellering (who manages The Authors of Pain).

Managers have been a huge part of the WWE for a long time and have influenced many of the biggest matches seen in the promotion. However, during recent times the WWE has seen a decrease in the number of managers that their wrestlers have at ringside, with Paul Heyman and Paul Ellering being the only ones who are active in the promotion.

Vince McMahon doesn’t like managers

Dave Meltzer suggests that there is a simple reason behind why the WWE does not hire managers anymore and that is because Vince McMahon does not like them.

The WWE may need to reassess their decisions regarding managers and may even bring in some of their old managers. However, the opposite could happen and the WWE could do away with managers altogether.

Hopefully, Vince can get over this and hire some more managers in the WWE. Some of the wrestlers whose careers and gimmicks are dying out could really use someone in their corners.

Photo courtesy: Simon Q/Flickr

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