David Beckham’s son dating Mourinho’s daughter; revealed story of the duo seen together after Brit’s award

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David Beckham’s son Brooklyn Beckham could be following his father’s footsteps of dating a high-profile celebrity in the form of axed Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho’s daughter Matilde Mourinho. The duo was recently seen together leaving a Brit’s award after party last month. It has to be noted that Matilde is two years senior to Brooklyn.

However, the news was declared not to be true as a source close to the Beckham family stated that the girl who was accompanying the junior Beckham was actually his cousin Liberty and not Matilde, according to The Sun.

The news of the young duo dating was released by the Spanish news outlet Marca and has created a lot of buzz within the media circles since then. However, fans who were wishing for the news to be true have to stay disappointed for the moment.

Matilde Mourinho, who also goes by the name Tita has recently been in the news for showing up braless on the red carpet of the GQ Awards beside her father. She also caught the media world by storm in June, last year when she was spotted with “One Direction” singer Niall Horan, thus sparking up rumors of romance.

Matilde took a romantic break from her present boyfriend Danny Graham last month. However, it was not the Blackburn Rovers striker as many predicted it to be but a polo-loving public school boy.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Beckham who currently works as a photographer for Burberry, a British fashion brand is currently dating 17-year-old model Sonia Ben Ammar. The duo was spotted celebrating Amar’s birthday in Disneyland, California last month.

Sonia is the daughter of Beata and Tarek Ben Ammar who hails from Tunisia. Both Beata and Tarek have appeared in numerous French films as well as on Broadway.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/brooklynbeckham

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