David Bowie fame marred with sex, drugs, gay secrets, & Scientology connections

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David Bowie fame
David Bowie fame and reputation marred by gay, sex, drug addiction secrets and Scientology connections

Before David Bowie took part in the music industry or even studied it as a child, he focused himself studying the arts and design. Then he became a professional musician in 1963, and that would be a start of a highly successful career that would see him inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

David Bowie released 11 number 1 albums. His music was unique, described as innovative, with his work significantly influencing pop music.

He was “theatrically-minded” too, even working on Lazarus until his final years battling Cancer.

But the man behind David Bowie the artist, born David Robert Jones, is talked about by those close to him as being erratic, troubled, and addicted to drugs.

His band mate Woody Woodmansey talked about David Bowie fame being marred with his epic meltdowns, naked parties, and drag alters ego in a report by RadarOnline.

With his identity crisis, especially way back in the 70s, his former band mate said “Sometimes he used to talk to us in a Yorkshire accent…He would speak in an Australian accent if an Australian was there.”

And while David Bowie publicly admitted he was gay, Woody Woodmansey doesn’t believe him.

“We’d gotten used to him doing things to get attention so we thought this was just another example.

“I must admit we never asked him outright as we’d never witnessed anything that made us think he was,” Woodmansey said.

It’s sad how a David Bowie fame could be spoilt at the end, but all these are detailed in a tell-all book titled Spider From Mars: My Life With David Bowie; from his naked parties to drug addiction to a point where he hired a coke dealer into the crew.

“I was surprised as I’d never seen anybody do coke all the time I was in the band,” Woody said.

He also shares about his experience with Scientology, alleging that while David Bowie experimented with Christianity and Buddhism during his life, the music legend had secret ties to Scientology.

Is the lasting David Bowie fame marred by these revelations? Such was the man behind the legend. He was unique. He was an artist and perhaps the fact that he lived such a colorful life is a manifestation of his genius as well as his struggles.

David Bowie took art seriously, and it is reflected in his music and reinventions.

“We would talk for hours and debate what it all meant. He was full of ideas and questions. But he was also compulsive about collecting. He just couldn’t get enough of it, which was amazing.” Bernard Jacobson, an art dealer and friend of Bowie said in a report by Esquire.

“This was the David Bowie. I mean, could you imagine walking down the street talking about serious art with Elvis Presley? Can you imagine Elvis Presley spending an afternoon in the National Gallery?”

Photo courtesy: David Bowie/Pixabay

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