David Foster wanted served like a King, intimidated of Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner

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David Foster hated Bruce Jenner and Elvis Presley, Photo courtesy: Angela George/flickr
David Foster hated Bruce Jenner visiting Linda Thompson, intimidated of Elvis Presley

American actress Linda Thompson has been around. In a book, she published called A Little Thing Called Life she sheds light on her personal relationship with the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, her marriage with Bruce Jenner, and musician David Foster.

We doubt they ought to feel honored for being part of that book, though.

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Linda Thompson shocked many fans the world over when she spoke about the times of her relationship with Elvis. She said she was still a virgin when she met Elvis Presley, who had shocked her with his tons of porn collections.

She portrayed the rock star we’ve learned to love through the years as territorial, drug-crazed, and obsessed with plastic surgery.

She was afraid of Elvis’ rage and feared for her life as he picked up one of his guns and shot it, barely missing her, as the bullet went into the bathroom while she stood close by.

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Thompson froze in fear as the “king” showed off his skills with a Samurai sword; she didn’t know what to do but survived the ordeal unscathed, as reported by Radar Online.

While the world was astounded by Bruce Jenner’s big revelation about his sexuality, Linda Thompson said she was no longer surprised. In fact, she already knew about it.

According to a report by the Commercial Appeal, she claims her ex-husband revealed to her his secret saying, “I identify as a woman.”

Thompson reveals Bruce Jenner said, “I am a woman, and I’m trapped in this man’s body. I want to transition.”

Musician David Foster wouldn’t be too happy about her sharing details of her private life. Linda Thompson was married to Foster for 14 years.

In her memoir, she recalls David Foster, who just divorced his fourth wife Yolanda Hadid, as controlling and jealous.

She says Foster expected her to serve him like a king, and that he hated Bruce Jenner visiting their kids and hated the idea of her having had an intimate relationship with Elvis Presley.

“David was clearly threatened by Elvis’s ghost and never wanted me to mention him,” Thomspon wrote, as reported by the Hollywood Gossip.

Photo courtesy: Angela George/Flickr

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