David Hasselhoff said Justin Bieber fan punch was okay

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Justin Bieber fan punch
Justin Bieber fan punch

The recent Justin Bieber fan punch puts the Canadian singer back in the spotlight once again. Despite the backlash that he has been, though, there are still other stars who can relate to the heartthrob’s predicament.

One of them was David Hasselhoff, who in a recent interview voiced his support for Bieber.

“I agree with you Piers, he should have punched that guy out,” Hasselhoff told Piers Morgan. “Fans are whacked out man. Come on, what’s that guy wants, an autograph he can sell?”

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“He’s going to get his face punched out,” added the Baywatch star. “You’ve got to treat us with respect and you’ll get respect back.”

Justin Bieber fan punch involved minor

The incident in question involved Bieber and a fan who reached into the singer’s car after a show in Barcelona. The singer responded with a punch which led to a viral video and bloody mouth.

The unnamed minor went on to show his bloodied mouth in the video shared by TMZ below.

The Justin Bieber fan punch was not the only incident during his European tour, though.

His show in Manchester also started on a sour note after Bieber threatened to leave because of “screaming” fans. The singer did leave the stage but went back, but saying he was “going to quit talking” for the whole show.

But despite his odd behavior, David Hasselhoff seemed to be able to relate to the singer. He even shared a similar incident during his career.

“I’ve had fans chase me,” admitted the actor. “I’ve had fans jump in my car, pretty much terrifying,”

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But all in Hasselhoff expressed his love for his fans and followers.

‘Most of my fans are great,’ added the actor. ‘They just want a selfie.’

But from the looks of things, the Justin Bieber fan wanted something more than a selfie. Still, it may not have warranted a punch from the star.

Photo Courtesy: Eva Rinaldi/ Flickr

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