Deadpool sequel may have a different Cable, Tim Miller shares his idea

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Photo courtesy: Georgia Viaduct/Wikipedia.org

“Deadpool” has been a blockbuster superhero movie, there is no doubt about that and the immense success of the first movie has left the fans wanting for more. A crave for a “Deadpool” sequel is high on the cards and director Tim Miller had his say on the matter at the Silicon Valley Comic Con on Saturday.

“I don’t think bigger is better. You tell a story that’s organic to the character. Deadpool’s world doesn’t mean you have to go bigger.” Miller said to comicbook.com.

According to the man who designed the opening sequences of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “Thor: The Dark World”, the next “Deadpool” movie must have a “lot of heart” as well as a “lot of humor”. “Deadpool” must be honest because it is how the fans accepted him.

The “Deadpool” sequel movie will feature the character Cable and the internet has been crazy on who should be cast for the role. Many suggestions have surfaced and Miller had his say on the topic.

“It’s like you’re a Republican or a Democrat. So, someone in Des Moines, Oiwa, may have a different idea of what Cable should be from reading the comics. I may not like his idea. I might read it, but I may not do it.” Miller added.

The American film director also stated that he will prefer a different Cable than what the internet is suggesting. Miller is more inclined towards the comic book and takes his inspiration while casting an actor for a role. He mentioned that he would do the same with Cable.

Photo courtesy: Georgia Viaduct/Wikipedia.org

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