Deathstroke to be played by Magic Mike actor in next Justice League movie

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Deathstroke in next Justice League movie
Deathstroke in next Justice League movie

A recent Tweet by Batman vs Superman star Ben Affleck has gotten DC fans abuzz, teasing of the debut of one of the comic book universes’ most loved (or loathed) villains. Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke, is shown in Affleck’s Tweet, during the shoot of a yet unconfirmed DC film.

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The short video clip, which can be seen below, was released by Affleck Tuesday evening, to obviously amp up the hype for the upcoming DC movies-Justice League and the standalone Batman movie, which the actor will also be directing.

It is still unclear to fans, whether the clip is from the set of Justice League or the upcoming Batman flick, but one source says that according to an “individual with knowledge of the situation,” Deathstroke will be the main antagonist for the Dark Knight’s next adventure on the big screen.

Others are saying, though, that it is far too early to be filmed for the Batman movie, and that the video is from the Justice League set. This may sound more plausible too, since the superhero movie is scheduled for release in November 2017. In fact, reports say that Affleck and the rest of his team are only working on the script, at present.

“I have a script. We’re still working on it and I’m not happy enough with it yet to actually go out there and make a Batman movie, which I would have the highest of standards I would say. It’s something that would have to pass a very high bar for me.” said the actor during an interview with the press  on the Justice League set last June.

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In the meantime, while some fans guess the movie where the villain will appear, others are beginning to weigh in on the actor who will be playing the part. One rumor suggested that Joe Manganiello, of Magic Mike, will be going up against Batman as the greatest DC comics assassin. While this is still unconfirmed, some clues point to the possibility, like the actor’s photos in London-where Justice League is primarily shot.

So what’s your take on the Affleck Tweet? Let us know through the comments below.

Photo Courtesy: Gage Skidmore/ Flickr

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