Disney braces possible legal action following gator attack

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Entrance to Disney World, Lake Buena Vista; Gerard McGovern/ Flickr.com

Lake Buena Vista, Florida – The sight of kids gathered around Walt Disney Co theme parks usually invokes happy thoughts. It is supposed to be a place for fun and creativity with families and friends. When they talk about disappearing it normally refers to magical tricks and is ensued by amazement and laughter.

When two-year-old Lane Graves waded around the lagoon, enjoying himself, he was snatched by an alligator that quickly snagged his tender body aground. It took more than sixteen hours for the search team to find him, as reported by the New York Times. He died of drowning and traumatic injuries.

Walt Disney staffs have been very supportive to the family of the victim. They have given as much effort as possible to extend help to the aggrieved family members. Much cooperation had been afforded with law enforcers to expedite matters and render assistance in every possible way.

“Everyone here at the Walt Disney Resort is devastated by this tragic accident,” The resort’s Vice President Jacquee Wahler said.

Upon hearing the news, the president of Walt Disney World, George Kalogridis urgently traveled back from Shanghai where the company was focused on the launching of a Shanghai park that they had been preparing for seventeen years.

The efforts of Disney staffs in reaching out have been duly acknowledged, but another question is left hanging at the moment. Is there going to be a lawsuit for what happened? There has been no word on the matter so far. It does not mean that there won’t be any action either.

What happened may have been a rare and unforeseeable incident, yet some legal experts believe that Disney should have at least taken precautionary measures to ensure their customer’s safety within their vicinity. There were no “No Swimming” signs in place, or signs warning of alligators. There were no retention walls.

So far, Disney officials have been a mum on the matter. Perhaps this silence shows their awareness of how crucial the situation is, in terms of legalities, and what they say may only aggravate the matter. The better question should be, was this tragedy preventable?

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