Disturbing images, sex videos of men, innocent boys, animal torture found in Michael Jackson’s home

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Photo courtesy: Bang Showbiz/timeslive.co.za

It has been seven years since Michael Jackson passed away in his mansion in Los Angeles, and yet for the “king of pop” peace seems to remain elusive in death as it was in life.

Jackson was widely known to have lived a troubled and controversial life. Earlier today, the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s department released from its archives reports of evidences it had obtained during a raid it conducted in Michael Jackson’s mansion, Neverland ranch way back in 2003, and in a storage space he maintained.

The report was a part of the discovery procedure for both the prosecution and defense.

The police reports state that during the aforementioned raids conducted, pornographic pictures of teenage boys, child torture and animal sacrifice were found and collected for evidence.

In 1993, a similar raid was conducted and books of naked boys were also found in Jackson’s bedroom, but since there is no law that prohibits its purchase by an adult, there was no legal ground to accuse him of anything.

Jackson was acquitted of his child abuse allegations. He was accused in 1993 by 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo, but was subsequently acquitted due to lack of evidence. He found himself in hot water once again when a child named Jordan Chandler was able to describe Jackson’s private parts that prompted a strip search by police.

It was later rumored that Jackson made out of court settlements worth millions of dollars.

According to police reports, the pornographic photographs of nude boys, men performing sexual acts were supposedly used to lure boys into having sex with him. The images gathered by police were described as shocking and disturbing. One image was found that portrayed what seemed to be a look-alike of the murdered 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey with a noose around her neck.

Apart from the photographs recovered were some videos of transsexual, sadomasochistic, and bondage sex.

Santa Barbara Senior District Attorney Ron Zonen said, “This stuff was used to desensitize the children and Michael admitted taking one child after another to bed with him.”

Michael Jackson suffered a cardiac arrest and died in 2009. He was 50 years old.


Photo courtesy: Bang Showbiz/Timeslive.co.za

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