‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan accused of possible animal cruelty

“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan is again in the spotlight as members of the Los Angeles County Animal Control went to his Dog Psychology Center located in Santa Clarita to investigate on a reported animal cruelty.

The investigation steamed from Millan’s recent episode which aired over Nat Geo Wild wherein a dog named Simon attacked a potbellied pig. In the episode Millan wanted to change Simon’s outlook at pigs and get rid of the rage that the dog has for pigs. He also stated in the video that Simon has in fact killed a pig that also coincides with the owner’s account.

TMZ first reported that the LA County Animal Control together with their Sheriff were on the scene after receiving numerous complains of animal cruelty. Officials wanted to know if the “attacked pig” is doing well and wanted to check it.

It was also reported that the authorities were able to speak to Millan and his staff and that the report will be submitted to the D.A.’s office, who will determine if there’s probable cause to have Millan liable for any animal cruelty.

Aside from the visit from the Animal Control, an online petition is being launched to put Millan’s show off the air because of the said incident. The petition is address to the National Geographic Television and for all Television Networks to ban Millan because of animal abuse.

The petitioners called the recent act of Millan as arrogant and over confident that led for the dog Simon, who was without a leash, to attack several pigs at Millan’s Dog Psychology Center.

“After several attacks, he (Millan) caught the dog and controlled it. He should have put a muzzle on this dog – because he knows the dog killed a pig already! But his arrogance and over confident attitude, he thought that he could control the situation. This is unacceptable and he allowed the abuse of several defenseless pigs,” the Petition reads.

It also stated that Millan showed a lack of concern that he allowed animals, in this case pigs, to be severely injured during filming. It also related that a staff at Millan’s Dog Psychology Center just grabbed the pig by the leg while it was squirming and screaming to get away from the dog that was attacking it.

“Please sign and share this petition.  I own three Intelligent, Amazing, Loving Pigs and have hundreds of friends that do as well, and that rescue them. They are not to be used to train Dogs without restraint!” the Petition adds.

Photo Courtesy: El Hormiguero/Flickr

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