Dragon Ball Super 37: Cabba’s Super Saiyan god transformation

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 PREDICTIONS: An Unexpectedly Tough Foe! Vegeta’s Explosion of Rage!By: Dimzy’s Domain/ Youtube Channel

Dragon Ball Super episode 36 has been quite a dragging match between Magetta and Vegeta. And with the forthcoming release of Dragon Ball Super episode 37, excitement and curiosity have reached another level. Perhaps the similarities of both Saiyan coming from opposing universe makes the Arena battle worth watching.

As of now some spoilers are indicating the possible power of this relatively new character in the Dragon Ball series. Cabba from Universe 6 is not the typical Saiyan from the Universe 7 like Goku and Vegeta. He’s short in stature and quite thin for a fighter. However, his external physique may be deceiving, for he can take Vegeta even in his base form.

It is expected that succeeding episodes will give viewers a similar feeling during the first Super Saiyan transformation of Goku while fighting Freeza.

According to Dragon Ball wikia.com, Cabba will achieve his Saiyan form while fighting Vegeta.

“Cabba achieves the Super Saiyan form during his fight against Vegeta… During his fight with Vegeta he was outclassed and about to be beaten when he transforms into his Super Saiyan form for the first time. His power in this form grew to the point where Vegeta was forced to take his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form to have a chance at beating him.”

From the narration of events in the battle of Vegeta vs. Cabba, it can be surmised that Cabba is indeed a strong character with great potential, considering he is a Saiyan. And speaking of possibilities, it leads us to speculate on his capacity to likewise transform into a Super Saiyan God.

There is still no exact information about the characteristic of Cabba and his Super Saiyan ability and form. It can be observed from the previous encounter with Cabba, though he is quite composed, there is still a part of him that is hard to read.

And for that matter, it cannot be helped to look forward to the moment that Cabba will transform into a Super Saiyan God, anchoring the idea of the experience of him turning into a Super Saiyan. If that would happen in the future episodes, it would be normal to expect a different form of Super Saiyan God.

Since the concept of this part of the sequel is about mirrored universe mostly focused on similarities, Cabba transforming into a Super Saiyan God with a different form or aura would somehow be interesting. It would definitely highlight the difference of both Universe which was not fully covered in the past episodes.

Guess we would just have to wait and see if we will witness a transformation of Cabba into a Super Saiyan God, and whether such transformation will be more dramatic.

Photo Courtesy: Dimzy’s Domain/YouTube 

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