Dragon Ball Super episode 51 Spoilers and Predictions: Trunks tells everything about Mai, romance continues in the future timeline; Episode 53 to reveal Goku Black’s identity, linked to evil Kaioshin

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 51 titled “Feelings that Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai” are expected to show a flashback and explain how Future Trunks and Mai became close. The last episode revealed that Future Mai is still alive. Will they be given the chance to see each other again?

In the preview released for Dragon Ball Super episode 51, it showed Future Trunks revealing that he fought alongside Mai against Goku Black in the future timeline. According to The Fan Guy, the next episode will feature Son Goku, Bulma and other Z-fighters on their way to the future.

Recalling in the last episode, Goku Black managed to destroy Future Trunks’ time machine. However, Bulma found the other time machine that Future Trunks used in ‘Cell Saga’. While on their way, Future Trunks will tell them everything about what happened in the future, especially his relation to Mai.

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It was revealed in the past episode how Trunks and Mai have started their relationship. Mai was not really the same age as Trunks. However, when Pilaf and his henchmen made a wish to Shenron, they became young again.

Future Trunks thought that Mai was already killed in the future timeline after being attacked by Goku Black. However, the ending of Dragon Ball Super episode 50 revealed that Future Mai is still alive. Still, his safety is unsure since Goku Black will be back in the future and there is a higher possibility that the enemy will notice her presence.

Dragon Ball Super episode 50 gave hints regarding the identity of Goku Black. However, the information is still not sufficient to come up with a conclusion. Beerus and Whis revealed that the Ring of Time that Goku Black wore belonged to a Kai. But they also said that Goku Black was not a Kaioshin based on his physical appearance.

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Beerus also said that Goku Black was not Son Goku since his Ki felt different. There are speculations that Goku Black is somehow connected to the ‘Green Guy’ shown in the opening of Dragon Ball Super. The ‘Green Guy’ is said to be ‘God King Zamasu’. However, there are no hints given about who he really is.

According to The Fan Guy, Goku Black’s identity will be revealed in Dragon Ball Super episode 53. It is very noticeable that Goku Black only has one Potara earring. Who has the other one? Also, the new nemesis was not that powerful like everyone was expecting.

It seems like Akira Toriyama is making an unexpected revelation in the future Dragon Ball Super episodes. There is a possibility that Goku Black will fuse with someone powerful to obtain a formidable strength. Gojitaaf speculated that Goku Black’s case may be similar to Baby when he stole Vegeta’s body.

Fans have been arguing that this could not happen since Son Goku is already dead in the future timeline. However, there have been revelations in the past that Goku Black has a different timeline with Future Trunks. This could strengthen the possibility that an ‘evil creature’ like Baby stole Son Goku’s body.

Recalling in the past episode, Goku Black said to Son Goku: “I also wanted to fight you in this body.”

Dragon Ball Super episode 51 titled “Feelings that Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai” airs on July 10, Sunday 9 a.m. on Fuji TV.

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