Dragon Ball Super episode 55 Release Date, Spoilers: Son Goku to become God of Destruction? Omni-King Zeno has a special request

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Dragon Ball Super episode 55 entitled “I Want to See Son Goku! A Request from Zeno-sama!” will be the second meeting of Son Goku and Omni-King Zeno. Though the details about the next episode are not yet revealed, there are speculations that the God of Everything will be asking a special request from Son Goku.


In the Dragon Ball Super episode 55 preview, it showed Beerus and Whis informing Son Goku about Omni-King Zeno’s request. The God of Destruction and his attendant were surprised after hearing from the God of Everything that he wants to meet Son Goku.

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Omni-King Zeno made his first appearance in the tournament where Son Goku won. Everyone in that planet was scared of the God of Everything, including Beerus and Champa. However, Son Goku casually talked to him and asked him to keep his promise about the future tournament.

In their second meeting, there are speculations that Omni-King Zeno will be asking a special request from Son Goku – become a God of Destruction. In the past tournament, Zeno-sama joked about appointing new Gods of Destructions after seeing Beerus and Champa. Nobody knows what is the real character of God of Everything.

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As Whis said, when Zeno-sama became moody, he will not hesitate to destroy a Universe or even the entire world. Omni-King Zeno found Son Goku as an interesting guy. It will not be a surprise to give him such offer since Son Goku has the quality to become a God of Destruction. His power is comparable to Beerus and Goku has the ability to surpass him.

However, Son Goku will surely decline this offer. He is not the type of person who supports the art of destruction. Instead, his goal from the start is to protect everything that he loves. For now, Dragon Ball Super fans can take this theory with a pinch of salt.

Dragon Ball Super episode 55 will be released on Sunday, August 21, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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Video courtesy: Youtube/Dragon Ball Super Episodes

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