Dragon Ball Super episode 55 Spoilers, Release Date, Predictions: Son Goku to fight Omni-King Zeno in a sparring match?

Dragon Ball Super episode 55 entitled “I Want to See Son Goku! A Request from Zeno-sama” is expected to be the second meeting of the God of Everything, Zeno, and Son Goku. It is still a question to everyone about Omni-King Zeno’s agenda on meeting Goku. However, it will surely be a surprise to all Dragon Ball Super fans.


As shown in the preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 55, Son Goku will finally meet Omni-King Zeno for the second time. Recalling the first time they met, Son Goku casually talked and approached the God of Everything.

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Omni-King Zeno told his plan to gather all the fighters and have a tournament for the 12 Universes. Son Goku expressed his excitement with the announcement and asked the God of Everything to keep his promise. The God of Destructions, Champa and Beerus, cannot believe that a human (mortal) can talk that way to the most powerful creature in the entire world.

In their first meeting, Omni-King Zeno said that he finds Son Goku as an interesting guy. Goku also shared his impression of the God of Everything saying that he seemed to be a good person. Beerus warned him that Omni King Zeno can destroy the 12 Universes in an instant.

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While on a training, Beerus felt scared every time he heard the name of the God of Everything. Whis explained everything about him, including how powerful he really is. However, Beerus said that Omni King Zeno does not fight but has the capability to destroy anything in an instant.


Knowing Son Goku, he never feels scared every time he faces a powerful opponent in front of him. Instead, he becomes more excited to fight him. If the predictions are true, there is a possibility that Son Goku will ask Omni-King Zeno for a sparring.

However, there are lots of possibilities that could happen in their second meeting. Dragon Ball Super episode 55 airs on Sunday, August 21, 2016.

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