Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Spoilers: Super Shenron grants Zamasu’s wish – immortality and evil Goku

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Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 58 entitled “Zamasu and Black: Their Mystery Deepens” is expected to reveal how Zamasu gained immortality and the truth behind the emergence of Goku Black.

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super revealed that Zamasu and Black Goku were connected to each other. Also, it was shown that there is a future and present Zamasu. Gowasu told Zamasu everything about the Super Dragon Balls and the aspiring Kaioshin became curious about its power.


As shown in the preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 58, Zamasu went to Zuno to ask about the location of the Super Dragon Balls and information about Son Goku. Super Shenron might be the one who created Black Goku and made Zamasu immortal.

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Despite being immortal, it is very noticeable that Zamasu is not as powerful as Black. If not with his immortal body, Future Trunks Super Saiyan 2 can easily kill him in his current state. Recalling in the first fight of Zamasu and Goku, the Saiyan did not bother to use all his power to defeat the aspiring Kaioshin.

Dragon Ball Super

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Son Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks went back to the present timeline. While healing themselves using Senzu Beans, Beerus, Whis, and the Supreme Kai went on Earth to investigate about what happen in the future.

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The Z-fighters told everything, including the connection between Zamasu and Black. It will be interesting how will the Gods of Universe 7 respond to what they hear. Everyone knows that it is a crime to alter the things that could happen in the future.

However, there are speculations that Beerus, Whis, and the Supreme Kai will stop Zamasu from making a wish. If this happens, the emergence of Black Goku in the future timeline will instantly vanish.

Dragon Ball Super episode 58 is expected to reveal more about Zamasu and Black Goku. The aspiring Kaioshin might have wished for an evil Goku, who can surpass the power of Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball Super episode 58 will air on Sunday on Fuji TV.

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Z exclusives/Facebook

Video courtesy: YouTube/Harry Price

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