Dragon Ball Super Episode 60, 61, 62, 63 titles, release dates, spoilers: Next episodes to revolve around Black Goku, Zamasu, Trunks and Vegeta

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Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super featured an epic scene where Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, killed the aspiring Kaioshin Zamasu. The succeeding episodes will surely be more exciting as the Z-fighters are headed in the future again.


Dragon Ball Super episode 60 entitled “Back to the Future, Goku Black’s Identity Revealed” is expected to feature the return of the Z-fighters to the future timeline. Beerus was confident that the future is already at peace after killing Zamasu.

To confirm his statement, Son Goku, Vegeta and Trunks decided to go back to the future once again. However, this time, they will be accompanied by Bulma in order to get everyone to the future safely.

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As shown in the preview, Zamasu and Goku Black still exist in the future timeline. With this, fighting the Nemeses is inevitable. This episode will be revealing the real identity of Goku Black. Is he a fake Son Goku or another character?

Dragon Ball Super will air on October 02, 2016.

Gojitaaf, a reliable source of information for Dragon Ball Super, shared the titles for Dragon Ball Super episodes 61, 62, and 63. Based on the titles, these will be the continuation of the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ as the battle between the Z-fighters and the nemeses gets more intense.

Dragon Ball Super episode 61 titled “Zamasu’s Ambition, Presenting the Zero Mortal Plan” will air on October 09, 2016. This episode will be revealing Zamasu’s ambition to eliminate all the humans (mortals). Since his first appearance, the aspiring Kaioshin already possessed strong hatred to the human race.

With the power of Super Dragon Balls, Zamasu has successfully created an evil Son Goku that will help him to fulfill his mission. This could possibly show how Zamasu’s Zero Mortal Plan started.

Dragon Ball Super episode 62 titled “Trunks’ Super Power” will air on October 16, 2016. Since the title for his arc was released, some fans believed that Trunks will be the one defeating the nemeses.

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However, with his current state, there is no way that he can defeat the enemy. There are speculations in the past that Trunks will be transforming into Super Saiyan Blue like Vegeta and Son Goku. However, there is a possibility that something bad will happen that will enable Trunks to unleash his ‘Super Power’. Will Mai die?

Dragon Ball Super episode 63 titled “Vegeta’s Fierce Battle” will air on October 23, 2016. Vegeta is surely very eager to take revenge after being easily defeated by Goku Black. He might already find their way to beat the enemies. Can fans see another transformation?

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