Dragon Ball Super Episode 60, 61 Review, Spoilers: Goku Black and Zamasu head to different timelines to kill all the humans; Trunks’ death awakens Vegeta’s new power

Dragon Ball SUPER
Dragon Ball SUPER

Dragon Ball Super episode 60 entitled “Back to the Future, Black’s Identity Revealed” featured the return of the Z-fighters to the future timeline. The episode also revealed that truth behind the identity of Goku Black.

With the present Zamasu gone, Beerus said that the future must already be at peace. However, Trunks still does not believe that the future Zamasu and Goku Black can be eliminated that easily. He explained that if the future is already safe, he should not be in the present timeline.

To confirm Beerus’ statement, Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta headed back to the future once again. However, this time, Bulma will accompany them to ensure that Vegeta and Goku can go home safe after seeing the condition of the future. Vegeta said that they should make a plan in order to prevent being defeated for the second time.

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However, they will come in the future timeline without any strategy at all. As they land the time machine, a resistance army approached Trunks and told him about Mai’s condition. Trunks and the other immediately headed to their hideout and saw Mai terribly beaten after protecting the people from the enemies.

Trunks used a Senzu bean to Mai for her to recover quickly. While Bulma was busy giving them some aid, Trunks sensed the Ki of the enemies and immediately headed to their location. Upon seeing the nemeses, Goku told them that they already knew their secret, saying that the nemeses used the Super Dragon Balls to create a fake Goku.

However, their analysis was wrong. Zamasu, who is currently in Goku’s body, revealed that he used the Super Dragon Balls to exchange body with Son Goku. After the successful wish, Zamasu then killed Son Goku with his own hands.

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It didn’t take the time before Vegeta transformed into the Super Saiyan Blue to attack Goku Black. In their rematch, Vegeta will surely be more cautious with his actions and never let to be caught by the same trick again. He said that he is not doing it for himself, but for Trunks and the future. Can Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks finally defeat the enemy?


Dragon Ball Super episode 61 will be revealed Zamasu’s main goal – The Zero Humans Plan. As shown in the preview, the Z-fighters were in trouble after engaging with Zamasu and Black once again. Goku Black used the Ring of Time to go to another timeline and team up with Zamasu.

Being a genius in combat, the Z-fighters are having a hard time dealing with the nemeses. Dragon Ball Super episode 61 is expected to reveal more about the secret of Zamasu and Goku Black. There is a higher possibility that they are planning to go to different time lines and kill all the humans.

Dragon Ball Super episode 61 entitled “Zamasu’s Ambition: The Zero Humans Plan” will air on Sunday, October 09, 2016, on Fuji TV.

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