Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 Spoilers, Release Date: Master Roshi’s Mafuba the key to defeat Zamasu and Black; Trunks’ Super Power helps Son Goku and Vegeta retreat

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Trunks will be fighting Zamasu and Black Goku alone in Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 while Son Goku and Vegeta are still recovering after taking heavy damage from the enemy. Anger leads Trunks to discover his ‘Super Power’ but it still remains questionable if this is enough to finally defeat the enemies.


The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 is full of mystery as the scenes were taken from the present timeline – Goten and Trunks flying, Whis and Beerus at Universe 10 complaining to Gowasu, and Piccolo. Major spoilers for the succeeding episodes are recently surfacing the web and revealed that Son Goku and co. will be returning to the present timeline once again.

Zamasu blamed Trunks for everything that is happening in his world. He said that Trunks’ multiple attempts to mess with time is one of the major reasons why they wanted to eliminate all the humans. This made Trunks angry that enables him to unleash his ‘Super Power’.

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Trunks is expected to have a new transformation but did noT reveal if it will be Super Saiyan 3 or Blue. While fighting the enemy alone, Trunks sends Son Goku and co. back to the present timeline to find a way to defeat Zamasu and Black. Trunks might have leveled up his power but he is still questionable to match the nemeses’ strength.

Vegeta admitted that they cannot beat the enemy in a head-on battle. Piccolo suggested a technique that could possibly a way to defeat the enemy. Dragon Ball fans must be familiar with the method used by Master Roshi to win against Piccolo’s ancestor – the Mafuba.

Mafuba is an evil containment wave technique used by humans in the early times. As revealed in the past episodes, Zamasu has an immortal body while Black Goku has the power used to kill the Gods. It was hinted in the spoilers that Son Goku and Vegeta will be having a problem learning the technique, which could lead them to find another way to defeat the enemies.

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Another theory suggests that the Z-fighters will be using Mafuba against the enemy but it will be unsuccessful. They should not waste time before returning to the future since Trunks cannot handle the enemies alone. There are speculations that Son Goku and Vegeta will come in time when Black is about to finish Trunks.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 entitled “I’ll Protect the World! Trunks’ Super Power Explosion! airs on Sunday, October 16, 2016, at Fuji TV.

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Wikia

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