Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 Spoilers and Predictions: Merged Zamasu versus Gogeta/Vegito! Gowasu lends his green Potara earrings to Goku and Vegeta

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 entitled “Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!” will be featuring Zamasu and Black fusion using the green Potara earrings. With the surprising revelation, it is very interesting to know what did Vegeta and Son Goku do to force the nemeses to combine their power.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 hinted that Son Goku and Vegeta will manage to hold the upper hand in the battle against Zamasu and Black. Recalling in the last episode, Vegeta took Black Goku in a head-on fight where the Saiyan Prince showed the result of his training.

Vegeta revealed that Zamasu cannot unleash the full potential of a Super Saiyan since he just stole Son Goku’s body. The Saiyan Prince said that only a true Saiyan can have such immeasurable strength. Vegeta has managed to defeat Black while Son Goku is dealing with the immortal Zamasu.

The upcoming episode is expected to feature Son Goku using Mafuba against the immortal Kaioshin. When they arrived in the future, Black immediately destroyed the time machine where the jar was in. However, there are speculations that Trunks could fix it with the help of his power.

There is a higher possibility that Son Goku will succeed in sealing Zamasu in the jar. Knowing that he cannot beat the Z-fighters alone, Black thinks of another way to deal with them. With the help of the green Potara earrings, Black has managed to free Zamasu from the jar and unite their bodies as one.

This will surely be a big problem for Son Goku and Vegeta since they are now dealing with an enemy who has the power of Super Saiyan Rose and at the same time has a body that quickly regenerates after taking damage. There is a lesser chance that Mafuba will be effective against the enemy for the second time around.

Since Gowasu and Universe 7’s Supreme Kai are also in the future, Son Goku and Vegeta can also fuse using their green Potara earrings. Dragon Ball Super fans are surely waiting for this moment since Son Goku and Vegeta have not used the technique from the time they obtained Super Saiyan Blue.

However, it is still not confirmed if Gogeta or Vegito will already appear in the upcoming episode. Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 will air on Sunday, October 30, 2016, on Fuji TV.

Photo courtesy: Mundo Dragon Ball/Facebook

Video courtesy: Youtube/DBS Full Episodes

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