Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Spoilers: Trunks’ death confirmed!

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Dragon Ball Super “Future Trunks Arc” is expected to feature a higher level of intense battle where Son Goku and Vegeta are set to fuse to match Merged Zamasu’s power. However, the latest spoiler revealed that one of the major characters will die before the arc ends.

Merged Zamasu continues to wreak havoc in the future timeline and currently on his final phase of the “Zero Mortal Plan”. When Zamasu and Black fused, Son Goku and Vegeta were having a hard time dealing with the enemy’s “wall of light”. However, with the help of the Saiyan’s increasing power, the Z-fighters managed to destroy the core of the angel-like aura created by the nemeses.

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super ended with an exchange of attacks between Son Goku and Merged Zamasu. Goku used his most powerful attack, Kamehameha, which seemed to be very effective against the enemy. As shown in the preview, Goku’s attack managed to damage half of Merged Zamasu’s body.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 will also feature the first appearance of Super Saiyan Blue Vegito. This will surely give Merged Zamasu more problem in accomplishing his mission in the future. However, until now, it remains a mystery on how powerful Super Saiyan Blue Vegito will be.

In line with the next episode, Gojiitaaf, a reliable source of information for Dragon Ball Super, hinted the death of Trunks in episode 67 with the words “Farewell, Trunks”. Since the start of the arc, Trunks has shown strong determination to defeat the enemies by himself and it was noticeable that his power continue to rise every time he faces the nemeses.

In the last episode, Vegita sacrificed himself to save Trunks from Zamasu’s attack. This time, Trunks might return the favor and save Son Goku and Vegeta, that will cause him his own life. However, fans are expecting that Trunks will stay alive until the arc ends.

The term “Farewell, Trunks” might also mean that the arc will end soon since Vegito will manage to defeat Merged Zamasu in the succeeding episodes. Son Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma will be happily returning to the present timeline now that the future is at peace.

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Super Fans/Facebook

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