Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English Sub: Goku vs Arale!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Arale vs Goku
Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Super 2015/Facebook

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 entitled “Goku vs Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to their Battle!” features the fight between Son Goku and Arale Norimaki. Will the battle really put the Earth in danger?

Streaming Link: Dragon Ball Super Episode 69

Schedule: Sunday, December 04, 2016 9:00 a.m.

Watch: Fuji TV


The upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super is just filler before the start of the next arc. Arale Norimaki acts as the main villain and challenges Son Goku to a fight. However, it remains questionable if Son Goku will fight her seriously.

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Senbei Norimaki created an android and named it Arale. She possessed an energetic personality, superhuman strength, and lack of common sense. Arale tried to act as a normal human and served as the younger sister of Senbei.

She is only a minor charter in Dragon Ball manga and anime. She first appeared in Dragon Ball Super when Son Goku suffered a Delayed Onset Ki Disorder. Arale enjoyed poking poop and disliked boredom.

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Summary: The event called the “World Invention Award” takes place. It honors the best innovations in the world and gathers the greatest scientists. Bulma also attends the ceremony.  Meanwhile, Son Goku worked as a part-time security guard in the event.

Hercule presents the award and declares Senbei Norimaki of Penguin Town as the winner. As Norimaki is presenting his invention, Dr. Mashirito attacks. He expresses his frustration for not being invited and interrupts the proceedings. For some reason, Arale and Gatchan are at his side.

As shown in the preview, Vegeta seems to be annoyed with Arale. He sent her flying into the sky and her head was separated from her body. However, she managed to survive and decided to fight back. Arale returned the favor and did the same thing with the Saiyan Prince.

Beerus is also set to appear in the upcoming episode. As of now, there are no hints given on how the battle between Goku and Arale will put the Earth in danger. However, there is a possibility that it will involve the God of Destruction.

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Super 2015/Facebook

Video courtesy: Youtube/Otaku Time

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