Dragon Ball Super episodes 38 down to 35 crucial details revealed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 24 ドラゴンボール超スーパー Live Reaction (First Impressions)- by GamingWithTheReaperKing on Youtube Videos

With the return of Goku and the group of fighters in all new Dragon Ball Super animated series, expectations are steadily increasing as the saga continues. With the revelation and simple glimpse of episodes 35, 36, 37 and 38 being released to social media, fans are becoming uneasy on what to expect in the future scenes of the tournament.
Based on an FB post of “Gojiitaaf” citing the source as “Newtype Magazine”, it gave some advance details about what fans may expect and see in the coming episodes 35 to 38 of DBS.

To start with, episode 35 will be entitled “Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta’s All-Out Battle!” The said episode would be released on March 20 based on the post.
What was clearly stated in the summary was the stealthy character of Frost, or the counterpart of Freeza from Universe 6. And aside from that, the anger of Vegeta was likewise emphasized on the given information. “I’ll defeat this bastard with my own hands”, said Vegeta with an imposing smile.

After episode 35, “An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta’s Explosion of Rage!” would be the title of episode 36. The particular episode focused on the “out-of-bounds” rule of the tournament and some amendments made about such rule. Perhaps one of the main highlights that every DBS fans should watch in episode 36 is the “one merciless attack” made by Vegeta resulting in the defeat of Frost.

While episode 36 will be released on March 27, and the succeeding episode 37, will be released on April 3. However, details about the particular episode skip the title. Episode 37 is left without a title but promises more scene on the battle between Vegeta and Cabba.

On the other hand, though episode 38 has a title on it, “Here’s Universe 6’s Final Warrior: Hit, Mightiest of Men!” details of its plot are still in the shadows. Guess we would just have to wait to hear some updates and rumors about Dragon Ball Super episode 38, or better yet wait until April 10 for its said release.

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