Dragon Ball Super episodes 55, 56, 57 Titles, Synopses, Release Dates: Omni-King Zeno, Super Saiyan Rose and Super Saiyan Blue

Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Son Goku vs Goku Black face to face fight
Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 revealed Son Goku and Goku Black battles. The latter might also destroy Future Trunk’s time machine during face-to-face fight.

Fans were left in a cliffhanger after Dragon Ball Super decided to take a one week break. However, details about the next episodes continue to surface the web and reveal some information.

Dragon Ball Super episode 54 showed Vegeta personally training Future Trunks as preparation for the fight against Goku Black. At first, Future Trunks was not interested in training since he knew that Son Goku and Vegeta were powerful enough to take down the enemy.

However, he realized that he needs to improve his own strength to be able to match future nemesis. The last aired episode also featured Zamasu and Gowasu traveling 1000 years into the future to see the condition of planet Babari.

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Though Dragon Ball Super did not air on August 14, 2016, titles and synopses for Dragon Ball Super episodes 55, 56 and 57 leaked on the web.

Dragon Ball Super episode 55 entitled “I Want to See Son Goku! A Request from Zeno-sama” will air on August 21, 2016. In the end of episode 54, Omni-King Zeno made an unexpected call to Whis and Beerus. He said that he wants to meet Son Goku but did not give any reason.


Various theories and speculations continue to circulate regarding what will happen in the second meeting of Son Goku and the God of Everything. Some people believe that they are going to talk about the tournament of 12 Universes that Zeno-sama promised in the past.

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Also, there were theories saying that Omni-King Zeno wants to talk about Goku Black. Recalling before the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ was released, there were speculations that Zeno-sama will be involved and shows his concern with the appearance of the new nemesis, Goku Black.

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 entitled “The Rematch of Goku and Goku Black! Super Saiyan Rose Appears” will air on August 28, 2016. It will be the much-awaited rematch of Son Goku and Goku Black but this time, the enemy is expected to be more powerful.


Recalling in their first matchup, it was very noticeable that Son Goku has the advantage. However, in their rematch, Goku Black will be transforming into ‘Super Saiyan Rose’. There is no detail regarding how powerful his new transformation will be but it is expected to rival ‘Super Saiyan Blue’.

Dragon Ball Super episode 57 entitled “Goku, Super Saiyan Blue” will air on September 04, 2016. In this episode, Son Goku is expected to go all out to defeat the enemy. According to the synopsis, the episode will feature an extreme battle between Son Goku ‘Super Saiyan Blue’ and Goku Black ‘Super Saiyan Rose’.

‘Super Saiyan Rose’ is quite new to all ‘Dragon Ball Super’ fans. However, knowing that Son Goku needs to use all his power to fight the enemy, it will surely be a powerful transformation. Though Son Goku is expected to win, our hero is expected to level up his power or use a new technique to defeat the enemy.

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