Dragon Ball Super Episodes 59, 60 and 61 Spoilers, Release Dates: Zamasu kills Gowasu; Goku returns to the future; Black Goku’s real identity revealed!

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Dragon Ball SUPER
Dragon Ball SUPER

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super gave more hints regarding the mystery of Zamasu and Goku Black. The next episodes will surely give more thrill and excitement as the titles for episodes 59, 60, and 61 are revealed.


The preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 59 features Zamasu’s bad intention to the Kaioshin of Universe 10, Gowasu. There are speculations that Zamasu poisons Gowasu to steal the Potara earrings and the Ring of Time.

However, as shown in the preview, the aspiring Kaioshin will use his power to stab Gowasu. Whis, Beerus, and the Supreme Kai are secretly watching them in order to ensure the safety of the Kaioshin of Universe 10. Dragon Super episode 59 entitled “Protect the Kaioshin Gowasu/Destroy Zamasu” will air on September 25, 2016.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 60 entitled “To the Future Once Again/Goku Black’s Identity Revealed” will air on October 02, 2016. This episode will finally reveal the true identity of Goku Black. After hearing the tale of Zuno and Goku, Whis came up to a conclusion about Zamasu and Black.

Zamasu might have wished for immortality and a copy of Son Goku that he can control. However, it is still a mystery how Zamasu and Black are different even though they have the same Ki. Also, episode 60 will be featuring the return of the Z-fighters in the future timeline.

It remains questionable how can Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks will manage to defeat the enemy in their current state. The Super Saiyan Rose is undeniably more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue. However, when it comes to Zamasu, it seems like being immortal did not grant him more power.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 61 entitled  “Zamasu’s Ambition/The ‘Human Elimination Plan’ is Divulged” will air on October 09, 2016. In the last episode, the term justice was frequently mentioned when Beerus and Whis were asking Gowasu about Zamasu.

However, the old Kaioshin lied saying that Zamasu already changed his perception. As the title says, Zamasu’s plan to eliminate all the human will be revealed. The aspiring Kaioshin’s hatred to humans continues to be more intense, especially when he met Son Goku.

Dragon Ball Super episode 61 is expected to feature whether the Z-fighters can stop Zamasu from his dark plans or not. Akira Toriyama will be taking a one week break and there will be no episode on September 18, 2016.

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