Dragon Ball Super Episodes 62, 63, 64, and 65 Spoilers, Release Dates: Next episodes revolve around Trunks’ super power, Vegeta’s fierce battle, Zamasu-Black fusion, and Omni-King’s ultimate power

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Son Goku vs Goku Black face to face fight
Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 revealed Son Goku and Goku Black battles. The latter might also destroy Future Trunk’s time machine during face-to-face fight.

Dragon Ball Super ‘Future Trunks Arc’ is getting more intense with the overwhelming power of Zamasu and Goku Black. Akira Toriyama continuously adds more twist in the succeeding episodes with the summaries and titles leaked on the internet.

Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks return in the future for the second time to fight Zamasu and Black. However, their power is obviously not enough to defeat the enemy and there is a higher possibility that they will end up losing the battle for the second time.

Zamasu revealed more details regarding the identity of Goku Black and their plan to exterminate all the humans. The nemeses said that it was Trunks’ who forced them to proceed with the ‘Zero Mortals Plan’ after his multiple attempts to time travel, especially when he gave Son Goku the cure for his heart virus.

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Trunks could not take the insults coming from the enemy that led him to unleash his super power. As shown in the preview, Trunks faced Zamasu and Black alone, letting Vegeta and Son Goku recover from their injuries. Though he managed to level up his power, it will not take long before the enemy defeat him and there are speculations that Trunks will die.


A leaked information that includes the titles and summaries for episodes 62-65 continues to surface the web. Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 entitled “I’ll Protect the World! Trunks’ Angry Super Power Explosion!” will air on October 16, 2016. While Trunks fights the enemies alone, Vegeta admits that they have no chance to defeat the enemy in a traditional way of fighting.

This made them decide to return to the present timeline and find a way to defeat the enemy. Piccolo suggested that they could use Mafuba – an evil containment wave technique. This technique was used by Master Roshi to defeat the old Piccolo. However, it remains questionable if Goku could learn the technique in a short span of time and there is no assurance that this will be effective against the Gods.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 entitled “Don’t Defy the Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Intense Battle!” will air on October 23, 2016. After fighting the enemies alone, Trunks is expected to take a critical damage from Black Goku. When Black is about to finish him off, Vegeta and Son Goku return to the future and rescue Trunks.

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With their third return, Son Goku and Vegeta might already find a way to defeat the enemy. After seeing Trunks into a near-death situation, Vegeta became very angry and unleashes an overwhelming power. Will Vegeta and Son Goku finally fuse to Super Saiyan Blue Vegito?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 entitled “Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!” will air on October 30, 2016. This will feature Zamasu and Black fusing together using the green Potara earrings. With this scenario, it will be impossible for Son Goku and Vegeta to deal with the enemies.

Black has the power of Super Saiyan Rose, which was used to kill the Gods of Universe 7. On the other hand, Zamasu obtained an immortal body after summoning Super Shenron. Black’s super power and Zamasu’s immortal body will produce an unbeatable enemy. At this point, there is a possibility that even Beerus and Whis could not match the enemy’s power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 entitled “Final Judgment! The Supreme God’s Ultimate Power” will air on November 06, 2016. Some fans believe that the term ‘Supreme God’ pertains to the fusion of Zamasu and Black. However, another theory suggests that it could be Omni-King Zeno.


Zen-chan gave Son Goku a device that he can use to call him. There are speculations that Son Goku might accidentally hit the device or intentionally uses it as an act of desperation. It was already hinted before the start of the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ that the seriousness of the battle will involve the King of All.

Dragon Ball Super fans will surely be more excited to see how powerful Omni-King is. For now, fans could focus on the upcoming episode as the battle between the Z-fighters and the nemeses continues.

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