Dragon Ball Super Episodes 68-71 Spoilers, Release Dates: Next episodes to revolve around Shenron, Arale, Universe 6 vs Universe 7, and Son Goku’s assassination

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Dragon Ball Super is yet to announce the title of the new arc following the Future Trunks Saga. However, titles for the succeeding episodes are currently surfacing the web.

On Twitter, Todd Blankenship posted the titles for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 68-71, including the dates of release. Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 entitled “Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Will be Granted?” will air on November 27th.

Summary: Searching for the Dragon Balls to bring back Kaio-Sama! Goku looks for the Dragon Balls to bring back Kaio-Sama, but it looks like Bulma and the others also have a wish for Shenlong?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 entitled “Goku vs Arale! The Earth ends in a Wacky Battle” will air on December 4th. Arale Norimaki is an android who has a superhuman strength and energetic personality. Arale had a short appearance in Dragon Ball Super when Son Goku suffered a Delayed Onset Ki Disorder.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 entitled “Champa’s Challenge! This Time We Face Off in Baseball!” will air on December 11th. Beerus and Champa decide to have a competition once again. However, it will not be a fighting tournament but sports. Are the Super Dragon Balls on the line once again?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 entitled “Death to Goku! A Hit-Job that can’t be Refused! will air on December 18th.

Summary: Son Goku in peril? That assassin is closing in on him and he means business. Somebody hires the mightiest assassin to come to Universe 7. And his target is none other than out very own Son Goku. How will he face off against the no-holds-barred assassination techniques?

As of now, it remains a mystery who is planning to take down Son Goku. Most prominent characters in the Universe 6 and 7 know Son Goku is friends with Beerus and even with Omni-King Zeno. However, the assassin may not come from Universe 6 or 7 but rather from other universes. Recalling in the past, Whis revealed that some Gods of Destructions are dangerous, that’s why Son Goku and Vegeta need to be more powerful.

Fans must be thinking that the succeeding episodes are just fillers before the next arc. As most people are expecting, the next arc will likely be the Omniverse Tournament. Is Akira Toriyama plotting a new theme for the upcoming arc?

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