Dragon Ball Super Spoilers and Predictions: Goku Black to transform into ‘Super Saiyan God’

Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Son Goku vs Goku Black face to face fight
Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 revealed Son Goku and Goku Black battles. The latter might also destroy Future Trunk’s time machine during face-to-face fight.

Dragon Ball Super is yet to reveal the real identity of the new nemesis, Goku Black. However, there are rumors circulating about his future transformation that will surely excite the Dragon Ball Superfans.

Dragon Ball always features transformations every time a powerful enemy appears. From ‘Super Saiyan’ to ‘Super Saiyan Blue’, the popular Anime never failed to give surprise to their fans. However, this time, the enemy that resembles the appearance of Son Goku is set to enter the newest transformation.

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According to Saiyan Island, Bandai will be releasing a candy in Japan that features new artwork for Dragon Ball Super – Goku Black ‘Super Saiyan Pink’. The name of transformation is not yet revealed but only based on the color of Black’s hair.

Though the ‘Super Saiyan Pink’ may sound new to some, for those who watched the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Son Goku turned into Super Saiyan God (with pink hair) to fight the God of Destruction, Beerus.

Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Trunks and Pan (inside Videl’s womb) combined all their powers to form the Super Saiyan God. This might be the new transformation of Goku Black. Therefore, it is expected that defeating the new nemesis will become tougher as soon as they follow him in the future timeline.

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Goku Black achieving the power of Super Saiyan God is possible since he is from the future timeline. He might already find another way to gain such power. However, there is no detail yet regarding this rumor and if it will be happening in the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ or not.

Dragon Ball Super episode 53 is about to reveal the identity of Goku Black. Son Goku, Whiz, and Beerus went to Universe 10 to meet an aspiring Kaioshin, Zamasu, who has the same Ki as Goku Black.

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