Dragon Ball Super News, Spoilers: Atsushi Kido speaks about the strongest fighter, Merged Zamasu vs Vegito, and Trunks’ final attack

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Dragon Ball Super
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Atsushi Kido, the producer of Dragon Ball Super, speaks about the strongest fighter, Merged Zamasu, and Vegito. The “Future Trunks Arc” is nearing to an end and expected to give more thrilling and excitement in the succeeding episodes.

Herms shared Atsushi Kido’s comment from Animedia magazine regarding Dragon Ball Super “Future Trunks Arc”. He was asked about the strongest fighter that is currently existing in the popular anime.

“The God of Destruction Beerus is overwhelmingly strong, but if we leave him out, then I think the strongest fighter is Goku Black. I’d say he’s used Son Goku’s power as a base and evolved in his own unique way,” Kido said.

Some fans may disagree with his answer since everyone knows that the Omni-King Zeno is the greatest of them all. Whis and Vados were also said to be stronger than the Gods of Destruction. When Son Goku visited Omni-King Zeno, Whis talked about Daishinkan, a high priest who is one of the five strongest fighters of all universes.


In line with ongoing arc, Kido was also asked if the Merged Zamasu is unbeatable. The nemeses used the green Potara earring to unite, producing a fighter with an incredible power and immortal body.

“Even by the standards of the Dragon Ball world, I think it’s fitting to call Merged Zamasu a cheat character. He has unrivaled power to beat down his enemies, and the power of immortality, which nullifies all attacks. Another highlight is all the different techniques he comes up with. If he does have a weakness, I suppose it might be the fact that he was originally one person.”

“Goku and Vegeta will become Vegetto and fight Merged Zamasu, but Trunks will get a chance to shine too. His actions will be key to the battle. Keep your eyes peeled,” Kido said.

In the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super, Son Goku and Vegeta are set to fuse into Vegito. It has been one of the much-awaited scenes in the popular anime and fans must be eager to see how powerful Super Saiyan Blue Vegito will be. However, as Kido hinted, Trunks will help in the battle for them to finally defeat the enemy.

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Z/Super/Facebook

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