‘Dragon Ball Super’ Updates, Predictions: ‘Strongest Fighter Arc’ coming soon? Omni King Zeno and Goku’s meeting could give hint on the next arc

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 55 will be the ‘unexpected’ meeting of Omni-King Zeno and Son Goku. Though the details are not yet revealed, there are speculations that the next episode will give hints regarding what will happen after the ‘Future Trunks Arc’.


In the end of ‘Dragon Ball’ Super episode 54, Omni-King Zeno surprised Beerus and Whis with a call. The God of Everything said that he wants to see Son Goku but did not say any reason. With this, there are plenty of theories currently circulating on the web regarding what could happen in their meeting.

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UnrealEntGaming, a Youtube user, speculated that Omni-king wants to meet Son Goku to talk about the upcoming tournament of the 12 Universes. Recalling in the past tournament, no one knew that Omni-King Zeno was watching. At first, he was concerned that they were doing something arbitrarily.


Zeno-sama said that he will be appointing new Gods of Destruction after seeing Beerus and Champa. Luckily, he took back what he said. The God of Everything revealed that he enjoyed watching the tournament, especially the battle between Son Goku and Hit.

Omni-King Zeno said that he wants to have a future tournament involving the 12 Universes. Son Goku heard everything and asked Zeno-sama to keep his promise. Zeno-sama said that he found Goku an interesting guy, mainly because of his character and overwhelming strength.

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As of now, the storyline of ‘Future Trunks Arc’ is expected to revolve around Goku Black. However, there are speculations that ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 55 might give hints regarding the next arc. Since it is expected that the tournament will be set after the meeting of Omni-King Zeno and Goku, the next arc could be the ‘Strongest Fighter Arc’.

However, there is no official confirmation of the succeeding arc and its name. For now, ‘Dragon Ball Super’ fans can focus on the much-awaited rematch between Son Goku and Goku Black, who is expected to have a new transformation, ‘Super Saiyan Rose’.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 55 will be released on August 21, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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