EA confirms release of “Star Wars Battlefront” sequel with content from “The New Movies”

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photo courtesy: Mareel Sirata/Flickr

A sequel to the 2015 hit game “Star War Battlefront” is officially on the way. Publisher EA has confirmed this on Tuesday. “The new movies” will be providing the content.

The sequel will feature “bigger and better worlds,” in addition to material from “the new movies”, promised EA executive Blake Jorgensen in an earnings call.

But this sequel of Battlefront isn’t a surprise by any means. The first edition of the game has achieved $14 million sales, which was much more than what was expected by the company.

And the company has an organized plan for releasing the new editions of the game. EA plans to release sequel of Star Wars every year for the next three to four years, Jorgensen also revealed in the plans. Although it wasn’t clear that whether Jorgensen meant next calendar years or fiscal years.

Disney has also its share of plans. It plans to release a new Star Wars movie every year until 2019. spinoff Rogue One, the next of those comes out in coming December, as reported by Game Spot.  Episode VIII shall be released in 2017.

Jorgensen also clarified that the Star Wars action game was coming from Dead Space Studio Visceral and motives next year. Once more, it wasn’t clarified that whether next year means calendar year or fiscal year. He also revealed that Star Wars’ third person action adventure game has been announced recently by Titanfall developer Respawn’s. Though they haven’t mentioned the launching year.

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