Ecuador, Japan earthquakes related? Apocalypse approaching as predicted by Frank Hoogerbeets

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Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/Ditrianum

Earth is plagued by several earthquakes a year. However, the three recent ones in Ecuador and Japan have caught several eyes owing to their massive destruction.  Surprisingly, Dutchman Frank Hoogerbeets claimed to have predicted the disaster using his technique of planetary alignment and is claiming that a bigger earthquake is on its way.

Hoogerbeets has a YouTube channel called Ditrianum where he uses planetary alignment forecasts to predict when an earthquake will strike. His predictions on the earthquakes in Japan, Philippines seems to have come true and also the 7.8-magnitude tremor that rocked Ecuador on Sunday, as reported by Express.co.uk.

“This is exactly what is happening. Also, yesterday I issued a warning for the Philippine Sea plate, including Japan. I think we should keep an eye on Japan and the Philippine Sea plate in the coming week.” Hoogerbeets e-mailed the Express.

If the Dutchman’s predictions are anything to go by then an earthquake of 7-magnitude and above is likely to hit by Arpil 25, 2016. The affected region would be Japan and Philippines.

His predictions have not always worked however and the Dutchman has been on the receiving end of ridicule by the scientists of United States Geological Survey (USGS). He predicted a high magnitude tremor last December which according to him would “change the world forever”. The disaster however, never arrived.

Meanwhile Paul Caruso, a geophysicist with USGS claimed that its too early to tell whether the Ecuador, Japan earthquakes are related or not. The distance between Japan and Ecuador is 9,590 miles.

Caruso said that the scientists at USGS don’t think that the earthquakes are connected across the ocean. No real research has been done on these quakes as far as they’re being connected, according to CNN.

Photo & Video courtesy: YouTube.com/Ditrianum

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