Elvis Presley ‘facedown in bowl of soup’, impaired with drugs

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Photo courtesy: Elvis Galery/Flickr
Elvis Presley death, Lisa Marie Presley informs ex-gf Linda Thompson

Elvis Presley’s death on that fateful day of August 16, 1977, should have given eternal peace to the troubled life of the king of Rock & Roll, instead, it only opened up more controversies to that which have riddled his life and career that remain up to this day.

The Heartbreak Hotel singer’s death was ruled as caused by a heart attack, but his involvement in drug misuse is well known. In spite of remaining active in concerts and staging live shows even during his final days, his performance had gone extremely south.

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At times Elvis Presley was described by fans as barely intelligible, slurring during performances or when speaking to his audience. He overdosed twice on barbiturates and was practically no different from a street junkie.

He was addicted to prescription drugs for several years where on 1977 alone his physician Dr. Nichopoulos had prescribed more than 10,000 doses of sedatives, amphetamines and narcotics.

Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson wrote about her unforgettable experiences with the Hound Dog singer in a book Little Thing Called Life, where she recounts how the rock legend’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley had first informed her of his death.

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Lisa Marie Presley, then 9 years old, called Linda Thompson that day and told her “My daddy’s dead. He’s smothered on the carpet.” According to a report by Huffington Post.

Thompson recalls how badly prescription pills damaged Elvis after his divorce with Priscilla Presley, where the legendary entertainer never recovered.

At one point, Thompson, who was together with Elvis for more than four years, described how she saw him so impaired with drugs that he’d passed out in his home “facedown in a bowl of soup” according to a report by People.

“As I held his head up by his hair, he had chicken soup and noodles all over his face,” she describes. “I started to clean his throat, literally pulling out chunks of food.” Linda Thompson said.

Lisa Presley herself, now 48, is rumored to be seeking treatment for drug and alcohol treatment after she broke up with ex-husband Michael Lockwood.

Linda Thompson said that in spite of Elvis Presley’s weakened state, he never failed to dote his daughter whom he adored so much.

Photo courtesy: Elvis Galery/Flickr

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