Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley; Like father, like daughter

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Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley
Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley; like father, like daughter. Photo courtesy: unknown author/wikimedia commons

Lisa Marie Presley, who has her father’s looks, is a singer-songwriter and actress. Her songs aren’t as popular as the King of Rock & Roll’s, but she’s had her share in the charts, writing practically all of her songs. Could she be as destructive as Elvis Presley?

She’s the sole heir to her father’s fortune of $300 million.

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According to a report by the Daily Mail Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce from Michael Lockwood- her husband of 10 years, for financial abuse. Since then she’s been said to be down with drug addiction and has been struggling to get her life back.

She spends around $400,000 on a private detox team, according to a source.

Lisa Marie had been marrying four times, but her current marriage has been overridden by Michael Lockwood’s intent on taking advantage of her wealth. It’s gotten her depressed and rumors circulate that she’s secretly entered into a drug rehab facility.

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The report refers to an old interview with Lisa Marie’s long history with drugs saying, “I was never addicted to anything. I was just on self-destruct mode. It was very simple and not abnormal for what a teenager does. I just went on a rampage.”

Has the divorce pushed her beyond her limits? She’s also on the verge of losing her custody over her twin daughters with Michael Lockwood, as reported by Radar Online. It all goes down to her drug and alcohol addiction, and even if she’s able to clean up her act she may still have difficulty arguing her way for being an absentee parent.

The news practically came out not long after Linda Thompson shed light on her life with Elvis Presley, who died at 44 yrs. of the age of complications triggered by substance abuse.

Apart from touching on her experiences with ex-husbands David Foster and Bruce Jenner in her book, Thompson described living with Elvis Presley as being drug-crazed, filled with sex and violence.

In her book called A Little Thing Called Life she wrote how she came home one day to find an Elvis Presley face down in a bowl of soup, so impaired with drugs.

While drug abuse may have been the cause of Elvis Presley’s untimely death, it’s said that heartbreak may really have caused his decline after his wife Priscilla Presley left him for Mike Stone.

Linda Thompson described the failure of his marriage with Priscilla Presley as a blow from which he never recovered; that he has never been the same since, being a fraction of the man he once was, slurring in concerts, losing control over the addiction.

It painfully rings a bell, echoing in time to her daughter, who suffers similar heartaches and tendencies for self-destruction… for love.

Photo courtesy: Public domain, author unknown/Wikimedia Commons

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