Me Before You: Emilia Clarke cries while holding a rocket launcher upon knowing her role

Another heartbreaking film will be released by Warner Bros Pictures on June 3 entitled “Me Before You” starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin and will be directed by Thea Sharrock.

Me Before You is based from Jojo Moyes’ critically-acclaimed and best-selling novel basically rotating on Will Trainor, a high achieving and wealthy man who enjoyed life to its fullest and Louisa Clark, an unambitious woman with very few qualifications.

Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) was desperately looking for a job and ended up as a care giver of Will Trainor (Sam Claflin), who felt losing everything he has after being disabled due to a road accident. Will makes a wish to his parent to end his life through Dignitas, an assisted suicide organization. Will’s parent agreed on his wish on a condition that he will be living for another six months. Louisa was then tasked to brighten up Will’s view in life in order to change his mind about ending his life. As the months go by, Louisa and Will developed a serious relationship and admitted that they love each other. However, this does not change Will’s decision to end his life.

Emily Clarke admitted that she was one of the avid fan of the novel and cried while holding a rocket launcher upon knowing that she will be portraying the role of Louisa Clark.

“I read the book and it was just the most beautiful thing I had ever read,” she said via ComingSoon.Net. “I was shooting ‘Terminator’ at the time and had a rocket launcher in my hand while crying like a little girl. I felt like the author, Jojo Moyes, had found a part of me and just wrote it down. I knew that I just had to play the role.”

Many readers of the novel had shed tears after knowing the ending of the story and for sure they want the movie to have a different conclusion. Something like, Will Trainor changed his mind and surprise Louisa Clark and marry her. Who knows? But for sure, people should expect the unexpected and ready their handkerchiefs while watching the movie.

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