Eminem New Album 2016: Rap god to drop new album after ‘Campaign Speech’; Latest details revealed

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Photo courtesy: DOD News Features/Flickr

News of Marshall Bruce Mathers III or more popularly known as Eminem, working on a new album has been all over the world by now, with the rap god announcing his return to the music industry via a new aggressively minimal track titled Campaign Speech.

The rapper-songwriter made the announcement via a Twitter post where he assured fans not to worry since he is “working on an album” along with the release of the politically charged track dissing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump prior to the presidential debate of Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The freestyle rap Campaign Speech, features the rapper’s lyrical genius and complex, multisyllabic rhyme schemes that saw him discuss various topics from the political issues to the entertainment industry’s recent celebrities to past monumental events in America like the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, the Lose Yourself rapper did not divulge any details regarding his upcoming album as he has been silent since the release of his recent track. Fans are wondering when will Eminem drop his new album as he has been on hiatus from the music industry since The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released three years ago.

According to a Music.Mic report, The Real Slim Shady rapper will drop a new album featuring collaborations with other well-known rappers and singers that might include Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z.

Rumors are also swirling that the rapper will release his new album titled Roots complete with 12 new tracks but said rumors remain unconfirmed.

Speculations are also rife that rapper/record producer Juicy J may be involved with one of the tracks of Eminem’s new album as he has been quoted in an interview with XXL Mag that “Eminem and Juicy do a record together, I think that would be some hot s***. Cause I would like to go in and produce the beat. … I think that would be classic.”

Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda has also been named as a possible collaborator with the rapper but it seems like far-fetched speculation at this point.

There has only been rumors and speculations at the moment, and some artists who have offered up their services in recent interviews. Of course, a legend like Eminem can pretty much cherry pick as he pleases.

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Photo Courtesy: DOD News Features/Flickr

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