Eminem’s new album canceled? Rap god wants his songs to be meaningful

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Eminem’s fans have waited long for the star’s new album. It looks like their wait shall continue for few more months, as the rap god lacks inspiration to write new songs.

The Real Slim Shady rapper wants his new album to be more meaningful. He is reluctant to release a new album unless there is something to talk about, reveal sources.

If reports are to believed, then Eminem is yet to come up with the new tunes and songs for his latest album. According to PodOmatic, Eminem’s new album is still incomplete as the famous rapper is finding it difficult to write new songs.

The last album of the rap god was released three years back, according to reports. But Eminem has produced songs in the interim period in Love Story and soundtrack of Jake Gylenhaal’s boxing movie Southpaw, under his own record label called the Shady Records.

The alter ego Slim Shady is created by Eminem as a persona in his songs. Slim Shady is a person who becomes violent when it comes to revealing his mind.

According to MTV.com, Justin Bieber is the Real Slim Shady. The way Bieber wears baggy clothes, and keeps blonde hair are similar to Slim Shady’s appearance. But there is a huge difference between Bieber’s music and Slim Shady. Bieber rated Eminem as one of the top five male stars in an interview in 2015.

“I guess Eminem is kind of a pop star,” the What Do You Mean singer revealed. I know he’s a rapper, but I feel like he was a pop star too, a little bit, based on his brand.”

Photo Courtesy: EMR -/Fickr

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