End of the world: NASA says a killer asteroid colliding with earth is possible

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Many prophecies about the end of humanity have been made since the beginning of time. Disaster movies, documentaries and TV series have plots depicting the end of the world, be it zombie apocalypse or killer asteroids already shown in theaters or small screens alike.

Even the Bible through the Book of Revelations describes the end of the world. According to Daniel, Revelation Bible Studies, there are references in Revelations about three days of darkness that will come before the final judgment and inflict suffering on mankind.

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Scientists said that a massive asteroid colliding with the Earth could cause huge earthquakes and giant tidal waves that would kill millions. Biblical scholars said an asteroid strike would produce a massive plume of dust that would envelop the Earth in darkness for three days, according to Inquisitr.

Hundreds of asteroids fly by Earth every day and NASA admits that a killer asteroid could come crashing to the Earth is only a matter of time. It could mean the end of life as we know it as a killer asteroid has a devastating force of 3 billion nuclear bombs.

To end humanity, a killer asteroid would need to measure at least 60 miles in diameter, but a space rock even half a mile would devastate the Earth and kill millions of people.

The last recorded large asteroid to crash on Earth was on February 15, 2013, where it exploded in the skies of Chelyabinsk, Russia injuring thousands. A recent incident happened in Australia last week, which terrified Queensland residents and caused a magnitude-3.8 earthquake as it struck the Earth.

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NASA said that every day the Earth is bombarded by small meteorites and about once a year an automobile-sized asteroid enters the atmosphere before it becomes a ball of fire.

The agency also said that every 2000 years a stadium-sized asteroid strike the Earth and causes massive damage and while every million years or so, an asteroid large enough to be called a killer asteroid comes crashing.

However, NASA already has defensive strategies against the possible killer asteroid strike. Last month, the agency created Scout, a new computer system which will detect potentially dangerous asteroids and calculate their possible impact point on the Earth’s surface.

It may not prevent the end of the world, it will, however, prepare us for what is coming in the future.

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