How to enjoy the end of the world on ‘No Tomorrow’

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No Tomorrow TV series will make its premiere to the small screens tonight armed with a fresh take on the end of the world premise. The brand new show is the CW’s answer to all the serious apocalyptic drama shows that are currently hogging the air times of most networks lately.

The upcoming show is not the usual doomsday series wherein the city is in ruins, there is no form of government present, people running around in chaos or zombies taking over the world, the show is more like a romantic comedy with an apocalyptic theme. It’s about a guy who convinces a girl to live the remaining months on earth to do what she wants.

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Based on a Brazilian series released in 2012 called Como Aproveitar o Fim do Mundo or How to Enjoy the End of the World, which is probably suggestive of the less than gloomy stance the new show will take towards the end of the world scenario.

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According to Variety, the story centers around Evie Callahan, a woman who always plays safe and always goes by the rules. Soon enough, she eventually meets Xavier Holliday, a free-spirited guy whom she is attracted to at first sight while shopping for some local produce.

Xavier then convinces her that the world would end in eight months due to an asteroid collision. The belief would rub off on Evie, who gets challenged by Xavier to make an “apocalyst,” a bucket list of all the thing she wants to do before the end of the world.

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Actress Toni Anderson will be playing the uptight Evie Callahan, who is a borderline obsessive-compulsive character, with color-coding closet and perfectly aligned office drawers.

Helping Evie breaks out from her perfectly arranged world and urges her to live a Carpe Diem life is Xavier Holliday who is played by Joshua Sasse. Other cast members include Jesse Rath as Timothy, Amy Peitz as Deirdre and Sarayu Blue as Karima.

So, for those interested for some romance and comedy despite the world coming to an end soon, the No Tomorrow series will premiere its pilot episode on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 9 PM at CW.

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