Body Issue athletes list & release date announced

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Body Issue athletes list
Photo courtesy: ESPN Body Issue

ESPN has dished out the details on their annual Body issue. The Body Issue athletes list will feature 10 men and 9 women who are prominent figures in the sports industry.

“This year we have athletes opening up in raw and moving ways about overcoming physical struggles: everything from asthma to HIV, amputation to transgender transitioning. It’s an honor to tell their stories,” senior deputy editor Neely Lohmann told of the year’s issue.

The athletes list will feature Olympic gold medalist and HIV-positive David Louganis and USA duathlete and transgender Chris Mosier. At 56, Louganis is the oldest athlete featured in the issue. The ESPN Body Issue will give readers and spectators alike a spectrum of athletic bodies and their stories in the world of sports.

Meanwhile, NBA veteran Dwayne Wade has finally agreed to pose after turning the magazine down multiple times. He shared with ESPN that his agreement to pose signifies his confidence on his body image.

“It’s bigger than me showing my body off. That’s not as important to me as telling a story of overcoming a fear. It hopefully gives someone confidence to really be their authentic self, ” Wade said.

Meanwhile, on the women’s list is Christen Press of the US women’s national soccer team. She also tells of her body insecurity issues in the past.

“I’ve spent a lot of time being insecure about my body, but it’s done so much for me. It’s my tool, my vessel for my job,”  Press says of her positive body image mentality.

NFL player Vince Wilfork is another name on the ESPN Body Issue athletes list. He will bare his ‘325-plus’ body to boost the confidence of those in the plus-size category.

“If people can look at me, look at a guy that’s 325-plus doing an issue like this, I’m pretty sure that they might have a little confidence after seeing that it’s OK to be who you are,” Wilfork shares.

ESPN Body Issue for 2016 will be available online on July 6. The print edition will be available on July 6.

Photo courtesy: ESPN Body Issue

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