Fans abuzz with rumors about Star Wars Rebels episode 6 preview

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In the backdrop of the release of Star Wars Rebels episode 6 previews being released online, Taylor Gray or Ezra Bridger to be familiar spoke at length about his wonder at the excitement the franchise generates. Rumors, theories, the Star Wars universe is indeed a happening place.

Gray revealed his marvel at the abundance of “force” theories and said that it only revealed how passionate fans were about the franchise and how involved they were. The interview was posted on the official YouTube channel of the famed franchise according to ibtimes.com.au

In his chit-chat about Season 3 of the Star Wars Rebels, Gray dwelled a lot on his character’s evolution and how it’s flirtations, the temptations of the Dark side.

Another online video recently released has a glimpse of the eventual fate of Kalani a super tactical droid after the events of the previous episode were played out. There is also a teaser. And it comes in the form of an Episode 6 scene. Gregg Berger is the voice behind Kalani.

Henry Gilroy, who happens to be the C-Executive Producer said in the interview that the last battle against the droids belonging to Clone War era in the last episode gave Rex the clone trooper a moment of breath. Dee Bradley Baker is the voice behind Rex.

Concerning the future of Kalani, Gilroy opined that the droid could offer his services to the Hutts in an advisory position. He, however, did not rule out Kalani joins the Rebels upon witnessing the destruction of the Death Star.

The video ends with a very, very special teaser from Star Wars Rebels Season 3 episode 6. The scene has Sabine (voice of Tiya Sircar) and Ezra is approaching someone, a man. Later on, they witness an attack on a base. They also come to know that competing sections of the Mandalorians are the ones who are behind the offense.

The ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Episode 6 was reported by universityherald.com to be released on 22nd of October.

Photo Courtesy: DekoArt-Gallery/Pixabay

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