Fantastic Beasts has a mission and that’s to kick Harry Potter out of the wizarding world

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Fantastic Beasts will hit the movie theaters worldwide this November. It is the first non-Harry Potter movie in JK Rowling’s wizard universe. His introduction comes with a special mission – to kick Harry Potter out of the wizarding world. Why?

This year, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child made its debut on the London stage. It received a license from Rowling herself and focuses on the story of Harry’s son, Albus. Aside from that, it explores Harry’s inadequacy as a father to his son. It also resolves his rivalry with Draco. However, the result looked like a fan fiction than an original Harry Potter story. In short, the play cannot give justice to the book.

That also showed that any future Harry Potter movies are not viable anymore. Harry is already a family man with a stable life. Any movie that will try to shake up his family life and work is going to be anti-climactic and disappointing. So the right choice will be just to kill him off and let him be happy with his family.

Now comes Fantastic Beasts which will no doubt be a hit. But in order for it to prove Harry Potter is no longer viable, it has to set itself apart from Harry. How can Newt Scamander make Fantastic Beasts fantastic?

First, it has to avoid the mistake Cursed Child made. That means it has to have some solid narrative and a degree of suspense that would make any future Harry Potter movies pale in comparison. Looking at the story, it seems like Fantastic Beasts will have enough of it.

Why Newt can make it fantastic

First of all, Fantastic Beasts have a new character and a new location. When the story ends, no one can envision what will happen to New York after. Moreover, no one can also anticipate how the journey will change Newt Scamander. This element of uncertainty makes the story interesting in itself. Because it is a new material, there’s no point of comparison to a previous story. On the other hand, if it ties itself to  Harry Potter, it will look like a has-been celebrity trying to ride on someone’s popularity.

What does it mean? If JK Rowling really wants the wizarding world to be dynamic and interesting, it should kick Harry out. His presence is already becoming stifling. It also stops the wizarding world from expanding. Therefore, the sooner Harry Potter goes out of the picture, the better it will be.

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