Fargo Season 3 release date update; Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman return revealed by Noah Hawley

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Fargo is one of those rare series which is both critically acclaimed as well as popular among the masses. The viewers of the show are currently awaiting the release date of Fargo Season 3 and are also anticipating the return of a character from the past seasons. Showrunner Noah Hawley revealed major plot pointers which awaits the fans in the FX series’ third season.

“The reality is you won’t see it in 2016. It’s a winter show for better or worse. There is no time to shoot another year before this winter is over.” Hawley said, as reported by Variety. So, this takes away the possibility of the show getting released this year. The realistic date of return would be sometime in 2017.

The 49-year-old Hawley also gave some major hints about Fargo Season 3’s plot points. According to him, the upcoming season will be related to the past. Somehow the show will connect with its predecessors. He cited the example of Season 2 being the backstory of Season 1.

It has also been revealed by Hawley that a character is set to make his/her return to the series. Fargo Season 3 will be set after two years from the events of Season 1, thus throwing up a possibility of few actors from the first season to reprise their roles, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Rumors heavily link Martin Freeman to make his comeback in the show. It has to be noted that Freeman was nominated for a Golden Globes award and an Emmys for portraying the role of Lester Nygaard. Allison Tolman could also make a comeback as Molly Solverson, although nothing has been confirmed either by FX or Hawley.

None of the actors from the previous seasons have been officially confirmed to re-appear in Fargo Season 3. However, with Freeman coming back to narrate an episode in Season 2 and few of the others making their guest appearances in the finale episode, it is safe to assume that most of them are in good terms with the producers and there is a possibility of them returning in the upcoming season.

Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/FilmBookdotComTV

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