The Flash Season 2 spoilers: Future of Barry Allen revealed; Wally West set to become Kid Flash

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Photo courtesy: DC Comics/commons.Wikimedia.org

Andrew Kerisberg, writer and producer of the CW series “The Flash” revealed in an interview that Wally West will eventually become Kid Flash one day. The 45-year-old mentioned that sometime during The Flash Season 2, Wally will get involved with S.T.A.R. Labs and will be put alongside The Flash to fight crimes.

“Just like with Colton Haynes, who eventually one day put on the Arsenal costume, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Wally West becomes Kid Flash.” Kreisberg said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

The synopsis of The Flash Season 2 Episode 21 highlights something dreadful after the particle accelerator explosion in Episode 20. Barry Allen seems to have “vanished”. Meanwhile, his real identity reveal will force a “different” reaction from Wally.

One thing is certain; Barry is not dead from the particle accelerator explosion.  In Episode 21 titled “The Runaway Dinosaur”, Barry will be fighting to return to his old life. Although his future is still unclear after the explosion, director Kevin Smith suggests that the upcoming episode will be a tearjerker, as reported by International Business Times.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 22, titled “Invincible”, which is the pre-finale episode, will see Barry make a return where he will get an unlikely help from Wally West in defeating the meta-humans which Zoom unleashed in the city. Wally will also slowly come aware that Barry is The Flash.

The Flash Season 2 finale is set for release on May 24, 2016. Although the title and synopsis of the episode is yet to be declared, judging by the story flow we can predict that the finale will witness a huge showdown between Barry and Zoom.

Photo courtesy: DC Comics/commons.Wikimedia.org

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