Game of Thrones Books: George R.R. Martin criticized by ‘The Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman

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Game of Thrones (GOT) Season 6 is currently mesmerizing viewers with its daily plot twists and surprises. Episode 7 of the show is due to release this Sunday and viewers will again engage for an hour of thrill and excitement. However, “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman is not happy with the GOT creator George R.R. Martin. The former feels “disappointed” by the way the 67-year-old has allowed HBO to handle the latest season of the show.

Kirkman feels that Martin has done an injustice to the readers of his book by allowing the producers of the show to diverge from the original source. He is also not happy the way certain key elements of the story were showcased before it appeared in the books.

“I would never do that. That’s the one thing I’m disappointed in George R.R. Martin for doing. He should have just been like, F— you. You make it up now, I’ll get to mine when I’m ready.” Kirkman said, as reported by Rolling Stone.

According to the 37-year-old Kirkman, the most revealing as well as disappointing part of Game of Thrones Season 6 has been the reveal of Jon Snow’s fate. The thing which makes it disappointing for Kirkman is that Snow’s destiny was unknown to the book readers from 2011 when Martin’s last book “A Dance with Dragons” released. The readers were also unaware of how the White Walkers were created.

The showrunners of the TV series, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss previously stated that the show will go its own way and will be different from the books. Both of them had a discussion with Martin to discuss how the end of the series will shape up, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, Martin has confessed in 2015 that he did worry about the situation for a brief “period”. But, as time passed he stopped worrying and just concentrated on finishing his “next scene and next sentence”, as reported by GeekWire.

Photo courtesy: Ellen Levy Finch/Wikipedia.org

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