George R.R. Martin releases an update on The Winds of Winter; Book 6 to release next year

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It looks like George R.R. Martin will finally devote his time in finishing The Winds of Winter. The world renowned author recently gave an update about the sixth novel on his A Song of Ice and Fire series. Will fans finally see the release of The Winds of Winter next year?

According to the author’s personal blog, which is Not a Blog, it’s a Live Journal!, he will make his final public appearance at the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico. This is Martin’s last scheduled event for 2016 and will mark his hibernation status to focus more in finishing The Winds of Winter.

“This is my last scheduled event for 2016. My appearance schedule for 2017 is very limited, and will remain so until WINDS is completed,” Martin wrote on his journal. “So if you want to meet me or get a book signed, this will be the last chance for a good few months…”

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This is actually good news for fans as Martin is famous for being a slow writer. With news that he has less public appearances next year, perhaps he will finally finish the much anticipated novel. Although it is far from being finished, this will be the major push writing-wise until he delivered a new book.

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Meanwhile, Winter is Coming posted a graph estimating when will fans see the end of the sixth novel. At their estimate and with the current pace, looks like the safest prediction is 2023. That might be frustrating, but quality takes time. But too much time can be a buzzkill.

Fans too, have a guessing game of when will Martin finish the latest volume in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Many of them pegged early 2017 as a good candidate, though it is largely speculation at this point.

In any case, Martin will sign books at the Guadalajara International Book Fair this Saturday from 11AM to 12:30PM. He will not be reading a new chapter from The Winds of Winter.

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