How to Get Away With Murder Season 3: Four reasons why Nate may be the ‘unidentified male’ under the sheet

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The latest episode of How to Get Away With Murder season 3 has all of the Keating Five in the clear on who is going to die as the show continues to get the fans running around in circles, crying and hyperventilating trying to guess who the person is under the sheet.

While the candidates of the show’s mysterious death continue to shorten the list with Frank being the strongest contender, one male character has managed to slip under the radar of the show itself and most fan theories.

According to Bustle, that character could be Nate and here are four reasons on why he may be the ‘unidentified male’ under the sheet:

Annalise cares about Nate a lot, which explains her emotional outburst when the body was revealed

Annalise let out a gut-wrenching wail when she discovered who was the one under the sheet in the season 3 premiere of the show and Nate being dead would explain her emotional outburst. Whoever died in the fire is someone that she wanted to protect and cared about and Nate falls under that category.

Annalise is something of a black widow

Given the professor’s romantic history, it would explain a lot if Nate is the one who is going to die in the show as Annalise is something of a black widow. From her several miscarriages, an unborn child due to a car accident and to a dead first husband, Sam, it seems everyone that Annalise loves is doomed.

Nate has not been shown in the last couple of episodes

Another factor that points to Nate being the person under the sheets is that he has been missing from the show in the last couple of episodes. It seems the show has been conditioning the fans, by purposely not showing him in the previous episodes to deliver the surprise convincingly.

The official teaser of the show’s next episode hints Nate’s death

The official ABC description for the show’s winter finale titled Who’s Dead give a teaser that says: “Annalise receives a tip about A.D.A. Atwood that leads to a heated confrontation with Nate,” per Carter Matt. “Meanwhile, the deadly events leading up to Annalise’s house fire reveal who’s under the sheet.” It looks like Nate will finally be shown next episode and maybe the “heated confrontation” will lead to a deadly conclusion.

There are still a lot of options on who will die in the house fire on How To Get Away With Murder but Nate has all the strong indicators that he may be the person who is under the sheet.


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