Glenn Rhee death: Whitewash victim, Steven Yeun Walking Dead role will be missed

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Steven Yeun, Glenn Rhee death, Walking Dead Season 7 premier
Walking Dead, Glenn Rhee death, Steven Yeun, Negan, Glenn Rhee death whitewashing?

His last name was not even mentioned in the Walking Dead comics, and yet character Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun, evolved from a mere survivor who barely made it out of Atlanta to fill in a more prominent role in the series.

Thanks to his resourcefulness and being clever Glenn Rhee eventually found Rick Grimes, who brought and introduced him to the rest of the gang of the Walking Dead series. It is a role Steven Yeun have played so well throughout the seasons for being such an underdog, a likable fellow who’s become Maggie’s boyfriend-turned-husband… Or was.

Glenn Rhee even softened our hearts by essentially becoming Sophia’s surrogate father following Carol’s suicide. Naturally, Glenn Rhee death, thanks to Negan, is not easy to take in. Was his role taken out too early? Was it necessary?

Everybody loves Steven Yeun here as Glenn Rhee. He is the “heart of the show” and described as an “essential” part of the Walking Dead series. Is Glenn Rhee death an underlying story of whitewashing?

According to a report by Inverse Steven Yeun said, it’s a “privilege” to play an Asian-American character “that didn’t have to apologize at all” about his ethnicity. “I didn’t get to see a fully formed Asian-American person on my television, where you could say, ‘That dude just belongs here,’”

“Kids, growing up now, can see this show and see a face that they recognize. And go, ‘Oh my god. That’s my face too.’”

Now Walking Dead fans are split on a Glenn Rhee death on one side, as it tackles with the premiere of the Season 7 of Walking Dead for being too violent.

While it’s sad to have a “normalized” Asian character that has survived through seasons against an army of zombies to end up being whooped by Negan, some Walking Dead fans are altogether saying the series isn’t worth watching anymore.

Some say it’s no longer fun and has become a “chore.”

But Steven Yeung, being the likable actor in the Walking Dead series, resumed a humble role, typical of many Asian actors, a Glenn Rhee on and off the camera and said, “To everyone who has watched us, to everyone who has supported us, to everyone who had faith in what we were building and creating this entire time, thank you so much.”

He never even delved deeper into various angles following character Glen Rhee death, and simply expressed his gratitude, for the opportunity.

“Thank you for driving us, thank you for letting us continue on, thank you for pushing us to make better stories,” according to a report by Hollywood Life.

“You gave me one of the greatest experiences of my entire life, so sincerely, to every single fan who tuned in and watched the show, thank you so much.”

What’s your take on Steven Yeun and Glenn Rhee death on Walking Dead?

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