Godzilla Resurgence: Shin Gojira by Toho scariest of all, purple atomic breath, CG technology

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Photo courtesy: Bandai Namco Entertainment America/wikimedia commons
Godzilla Resurgence trailer by Toho; scarier than 2014 Godzilla by Legends Pictures

Godzilla has gone a long way from the early days of its appearance back in 1954 in Japan to the 2014 Godzilla. The king of the monsters has survived hundreds and thousands of attacks to being adapted into video games, TV shows, comic books and thirty-one films; the latest being Shin Gojira.

The last two films were the American versions of Godzilla by Legendary Pictures. From the original prehistoric sea monster empowered by nuclear radiation, Godzilla’s role too has changed over the years.

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It has fit into roles of the anti-hero, fighting alongside humans against a common enemy, as a lesser threat; it has fought, somewhat indirectly amusing, even against crossover characters, such as Godzilla vs King Kong and Godzilla vs Fantastic Four.

It seems right about the time the Godzilla series gets a reboot, and that’s what Shin Gojira is all about. Filmed by filmmakers Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, it means new, true or god, and this version of Godzilla Resurgence is designed to be the most terrifying of them all.

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Reports say the filmmakers are going to change the course of this film to make it darker, and deadlier than its predecessors. Godzilla Resurgence’ monster is also over 10 meters taller, and it becomes incredibly apparent in the new trailer.

With cameras shot from the street, the new Godzilla looks real ominous and massive. Its tail is so huge it leaves a trail of destruction. And from up close, the trailer shows the new purple color glowing from within its heaving body.

The perspectives in the trailer make it bigger and taller. Its eyes look scarier without the pupils, in a GMK style, described as soulless and evil.

It gives an impression of Godzilla Resurgence’ more powerful atomic breath. The CG technology effects are so stunning; it has never looked so real. It truly shows how the film as diverted from the happier installments, with filmmakers citing that the world has lost its innocence after the various terrorist attacks and natural disasters over the past few years.

The backdrop of destruction portrays scenery the Japanese people can highly relate to, being geographically situated in the ring of fire, often marred with earthquakes. And the plot starts in what was seemed to be a natural disaster.

Godzilla Resurgence’ schedule to be released in Japan is on July 29th on 4DX, IMAX, and MX4D. It is produced and distributed by Toho.

Photo courtesy: Bandai Namco Entertainment America/Wikimedia commons

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