Grand Theft Auto 6 confirmed release date and map setting

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GTA 6 : Leak & Images ! Grand Theft Auto City Of Paradise- by christodu69/ Youtube Channel

For the past weeks, Grand Theft Auto gamers and fans are waiting for Rockstar to confirm the progress of a Grand Theft Auto 6 and its release date. However, since the release of GTA 5 in September 2013, there were no recent significant and conclusive statements regarding the updates of GTA 6. And for such matter, rumors surrounding GTA proliferated the web.

To start with, Rockstar President Leslie Benzies teased GTA fans with his cryptic statement via trustedreviews.com stating that, “We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas…It comes from the idea first. Where it is going to be set is the first question.”

Having to consider such statement, GTA 6 hopefuls were more puzzled or curious about the possible setting or maps included in the game. It can also be recalled that there were some speculations before embracing the GTA: Tokyo idea, which was later on shut down together with the rumoured GTA: Bogota as what TechRadar previously reported.

With the GTA 6 still lacking info, some gamers cannot help but imagine more unexplored areas of the GTA world.

Apart from the list of possible settings of the next GTA, the release date of the anticipated GTA 6 was the next target of GTA rumors. In the article of Trusted Reviews, they estimated that the release date of GTA 6 would likely be between 2018 and 2020. The likelihood of GTA 6 early release is not plausible for it was claimed that GTA 6 will have bigger map compared to the previous GTA 5.

As of now there is still no exact details of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, all news circulating in the web about the details of GTA are mostly based on invalidated anonymous tips and gossips. What remains to be sure is that the organization and mind behind GTA have “about 45 years’ worth of ideas” they “want to do,” says Leslie Benzies via TR.

Photo Courtesy: christodu69/ Youtube

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