Gretchen Carlson sexually harassed at Fox

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Photo Courtesy: Gretchen Carlson/flickr

Veteran Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against the Fox News CEO Roger Ailes reveal some shocking allegations.

Carlson alleged that Ailes repeatedly objectified her in public and private for resenting his sexual advances. The famous anchor also said that the Fox News CEO sabotaged her career before finally firing her from the channel.

Her former Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy also features in Carlson’s lawsuit for being “engaged in a pattern of severe and pervasive sexual harassment” against her. Carlson alleges that Ailes retaliated against her when she complained about Doocy’s advances, as reported by the Vox.com.

Ailes has denied everything and has clarified that it’s the way she retaliated since he fired Carlson for poor ratings.

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What are the claims of Carlson’s lawyer?

Carlson’s lawyer is doing her homework meticulously. She has already spoken to three other women who alleged similar sexual advances on Ailes’ part against them over the years. These women emailed her revealing their experiences.

“It’s been amazing,” Nancy Erika Smith told the Guardian. “My website, my email and my office phone have been deluged with women telling similar stories. I’ve only talked to three of them because I’ve been doing other things with regard to this case, but we’ve had clients who’ve come with similar complaints about Ailes and Fox.”

Smith also pointed out some more stories are coming out from people who have spent a significant part of their career in media.

“The Loudest Voice in the Room”, a biography of Ailes by Gabriel Sherman, published in 2014 contains one story of the 1980’s. The author interviewed Randy Harrison, a staffer who alleged that Ailes demanded sex from her in the similar fashion, depicted by the executive in the lawsuit.

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We’ll have to wait for few months to find out whether Ailes is really guilty or not. But the superstar TV anchor’s lawyer is confident of leading her to the road of justice.

Photo Courtesy: Gretchen Carlson/Flickr

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